Being in the digital world and running a website for your personal or professional use brings in a lot of effort to make your website known. Increasing traffic to your site won’t only bring you a good time, but it will also be for your brand, bring trust with your audience, and improve your rankings online. 

And hence you will see a lot of improvements in your user engagement, your conversion rate, and revenue. Above all, boosting your web traffic will give you a lot better insight into what your audience wants so that you may continue to generate content and products which meet the needs of your customers. 

There isn’t any single bullet that will bring you more traffic, but there are some guidelines that you may follow to create the WordPress site that gives you rich content and a seamless user experience. We will help you through learning how to generate more traffic:

Optimize for search engines:

The single foolproof method listed on search engines is always to write high-quality content. This also includes the copy on your product pages, the home page, and everything that comes in between. But there are a few steps that you may also take to boost your great content’s chances to get seen. 

Your initial step is to make sure that your privacy settings are all set on Public so that search engines may find and index your site. Next, you should do some keyword research to help see what specific words and phrases people are using right now in their engine queries. 

These keywords must be included in the headers, titles, body copy, URLs, and meta description. You can use tools like Google Webmaster Tools, SEMrush, and Google AdWords Keyword Planner to help you research.  

Write good quality blog content:

To drive more traffic to your site, you must make blogging part of your content strategy. For most other reasons, you currently have a 434% greater chance of getting ranked highly over search engines if you are featuring a blog as a part of the website. When writing blog posts, you may want to consider your audience and the types of content they like reading. 

A few content types have more potential to get viral than the rest and may also help in generating highly targeted traffic. You may also want to pay the most attention to your intro, title, images, and a lot more. 

Generate more traffic with internal links:

In your WordPress posts or your pages, you may link to the other content available on your site. Giving your visitors links to your content will improve user engagement and reduce the bounce rate available on your site. You will also increase some chances of more of the content being found, read, and shared. 

A very strong internal linking strategy may shift the user behavior on your site from a read and exit out of the tab to read, click the link, share and repeat. Not to mention, an internal linking assists the search bots in finding and indexing your site content, making your chances of ranking a lot better. 

Optimize the speed of your site:

The load time affects the ranking on your search engine and affects your visitor experience as well. Imagine that you are drawing more visitors to your site, and then even after 5 seconds, your site doesn’t load. A study has shown that 22.2% of visitors will readily abandon your site only after five seconds of waiting. 

This percentage jumps over 32.3% after waiting seven seconds. Aside from pruning unnecessary plugins, ads, widgets, external services, and the multimedia from your site, there are some other ideal practices of making the load time better. 

Build your email list:

Once you have drawn your visitors to your website using your great content and products, you wish to keep them coming for more. Instead of hoping they will revisit the website on their own, you should be proactive. Include some offers of e-books, free memberships, templates, and other lead creating content on your pages and post to attract more visitors to give you’re their emails. 

An email list also gives you direct access to the audiences you have. That way, you can let them know of your new content, promotions, products, and events as soon as they are available. This will also ensure that the new visitors also become your repeated visitors. 

Grow your reach on social media:

There is always a growing number of social networking platforms that bring in huge traffic volumes. Facebook alone boasts over one billion daily active users. You may get a piece of the action by creating your personal and business accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram among the rest. Sharing the posts and pages on these platforms will assist you in reaching a larger audience and driving more of them to your site. 

You must also include social sharing buttons on your website so that the visitors may easily share your content ahead. And with their help, your content has an improved chance of getting viral. 

Measure and keep measuring regularly:

When you don’t know what improvements, you are making in your website traffic generation, you wouldn’t even know where you are lacking. To improve the traffic on your site and sustain the improvements, you need to measure the performance to learn what you are doing well and what you can improve on. 

When you are tracking the traffic, your keyword rankings, and your user engagement, you will be able to identify and target the available improvement opportunities. You may notice that the particular kind of post is doing better than the rest and change your content strategy accordingly.  

These are some of the top ways to generate more traffic to your WordPress website. It would help if you stayed consistent and always kept improving your strategies so that you don’t lack in any field and always have tons of visitors on your website. 

Now, as you know how to generate more traffic on the website, what is your thought about new creative content?

If you need more info or need help on how to get more traffic, be free to contact us any time. We are more than happy to provide you with help.