Are you new to the world of WordPress websites and are looking for ways to develop the best website usability and its functionality? We are here to show you how you can use WordPress plugins in the best possible way. 

What is the premium WordPress Plugins?

Premium plugins are the paid version of these plugins that come with more features, documentation, priority support, and regular updates. You may learn about WordPress plugins by going through this guide on what WP plugins are and how they work. 

WP has become the most successful and the most popular blogging platform around the globe as it has a very healthy ecosystem of both paid and free plugins. At the time of writing this article, there were over 5,000 free plugins which are available in the directory. 

You may use these free plugins to access different features without paying anyone. Since WP is an open-source platform, many of these free plugins are written by third-party developers who want to give back to the WP community and build up a brand for themselves to have a lot more of the client’s work. 

But the main issue is that just like any other software, WP plugins also require to be maintained properly and kept updated. Although an individual developer isn’t needed to give support, many of them go beyond to help their users and also add new features as requested. 

As you may imagine, all of these things also take a lot of resources and time. Plugin authors are mostly unable to give free plugins the right attention as they grow and get a huge user base. For different plugin developers, it also becomes hard to take time out of their personal and work lives to maintain the free product for a long period. 

And this is just the point when premium WordPress plugins come into the scene. You will get access to dedicated support, premium features, and guaranteed updates for a smaller licensing fee. The licenses fee gives plugin authors a steady flow of income. Hence, they can improve the product and dedicate more time to growing their business of plugins in WordPress. 

While on the other hand, it will give you a customer base, more refined products with highly reliable updates and support. 

Let us tell you if you should be buying plugins for WordPress?

It would help if you understood that there isn’t as much need to use premium plugins once you start using WordPress and are at the beginner level. You will get the best from free tools, and you will find them great for your WordPress usage. 

But when you proceed ahead in your career, and your WordPress site grows, there happens to be a need for premium wordpress plugins. These are some reasons not to hear people that tell you to buy premium plugins right at the start of your career:

  • Premium plugins have a lot more features than freebies, but you do well at the start of your WordPress site 
  • If you use premium plugins, your website will be very quick but don’t get tempted as you will soon buy the premium. Till then, free would do you good.

If you are just starting out, then you shouldn’t give your mind to all of these things. Following are also some of the WordPress and plugins that you will use for website management. They are all free. 

If you are looking for a theme for your websites, use Astra and Kadence Wp. These are the plugins that you can use for your WP website for free:

And once you are ready to invest in the premium WordPress plugins. We have got you some reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate:

1. Solution specific WordPress plugins:

A few WordPress plugin categories will cater to specific needs and solutions. For example, building up a membership website or selling online courses is very hard work. Free plugins can’t alone do you justice to these very complex solutions. 

Even when you find a free plugin for this job, you will have to buy paid addons to support the business. If you build up your website that needs highly specific and advanced functionality, you can better be off with the premium plugins. 

2. Advanced features:

While there are free plugins for all of your basic tasks, you will only find all advanced features in the paid plugins. That is mainly because building advanced features may take a lot of different resources. 

For example, WPForms lite is one of the most beginner-friendly WP contact form plugins; its pro version comes with all the advanced features such as the user registration form, payment forms, surveys, polls, etc.

3. Dedicated support from the plugin developers:

Support is never guaranteed with the free WP plugins because the free plugin authors never need to offer more support. This support is very important if you are very new to WP and have no programming skills. Premium WP plugins give you a highly fast email response for the support questions. 

These are some of why plugins in WordPress are needed to let you have the most functionality. Which plugin’s WordPress work is up to the level of need you come with. You will find many people suggesting you use the premium WordPress plugins at the start of your WP usage.

 But the reality is that in the start, you can work with free plugins offered by WordPress, and with time and with your rising need, you can start using the premium wordpress plugins. The new features and upcoming enhancements will help you use WordPress a lot better and get you the best functionality you can expect from this source.